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    My name is Joe and I am located in SI as well. I see you are an authority on all things reef and would like to make your acquaintance. This weekend I am setting up a Red Sea Max S 500. After that, if your available maybe you could provide some tips on how maintain the system. I see your a fan of the fewer water change method and I happen to agree. I have been in the hobby for a year and almost quit. The maintenance was getting rough as my life became hectic. I noticed that the tank settled down a bit and started looking better when I didn't change the water as much. Everything but my nitrates are within range.
    I cannot PM but if you could be in touch my email is .
    Thank you for you time and your pics are beautiful.
    - Joe
    I just saw the beautiful clowns you breed mate, i know how much care goes into breeding marines and you manage to keep a yummy SPS display as well - hats off to you mate :)
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