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    need advice

    Should be if you look the vertical boards should have the full weight of the trim ring on like 2/3s of the top edge with about 1/4" still visable.
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    need advice

    yes the outside sits on a 1/2" of the upright boards for the apperance of flush doors
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    need advice

    Picture maybe would be more helpful
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    Pump Replacement

    Sump placement is below tank in basement that way I have only one break in the straight line to help keep head presure down and the tank I have is not set up for it.
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    Pump Replacement

    So my current mag 18 I think is approaching the end of the line not sure how old it is but it does not like to start back up after powering down even after a good vinegar bath and was wondering opinions on a solid submersible pump. I have a head of around 11 ft and would like to stay in the same...
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    WTB - Rubbermaid 100 gal tub

    I have one it is drilled though I can send pics tomorrow but little bit of a ride. Price it at 30 bucks
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    OT - Anyone in to RC Cars?

    I have a traxxas 4x4 slash brushless with a 3c lipo
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    FS: Tech Tank, ATI T5, Apex, Ecotechs, Sumps, Chiller, Skimmer etc.

    If the alk and calc fall through let me know.
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    OT - Looking for Steak House suggestions

    Mortons is also good and worth the drive all be it $$
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    GHA out of control

    I have a beasty sea hare that is in need of a new home. Ill put 10 dollars as a price just pm and we can discuss
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    Fish and Corals FS

    PM'd as well
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    Frag Grow Out

    It is not avaliable aT THE MOMENT FROM WHAT "I HAVE SEEN
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    Selling Bubble Gum Monster Colony

    ok dog owners its take your pet to frankys day this sunday 2/8/15
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    Bad Reef Day

    It is a buddy of mines his bottom trim cracked and when that happend the bottom glass let go and then all the rock fell through on the front side. 2nd floor apt dumping all that water down onto the neighbors but still had very little damages to the two apts but the basement drop ceiling is...
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    Bad Reef Day

    leads to Deep blue1/10 chiller $300 ro/di $75 4 chamber 50gpd remora c pro Rio 2300 pump hob skimmer $125 uv sterlizer aqua ultraviolet adv8 $50 may need a new bulb current led 48" controllable $500 for the pair firm