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    Eshopps R-100 any good?

    I run the RS-200 on my 210g. Flow Is good, skimmer fits works well. I would recommend with no reservations.
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    Cleaning Maintenance Question

    I have a 210g w/two overflow chambers on backside. This system is 15 years running, FOWLR. My sump filtration is in the basement Curious if anyone ever shuts down system and pulls out the 4 overflow pipes and cleans them out? Cleaning inside of overflow? Good / Bad / Potential Issues? Or...
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    So Disappointed

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    Vinegar dosing

    Do you run a UV?
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    Heating Suggestions

    Sorry this tank is 15 years, finnex went 5 years.
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    Heating Suggestions

    Tank is 210g w/ 30g sump. Fish & rock only. 15 year established tank. Been running 1 500w HMX-500 Finnex. Did a great job for last 6 years holding at 76 but think it is starting to go. Water temperature has been about 73 as of late and I think it's time to upgrade. Ambient temp is 70. Just...
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    Dog Face Puffer Help

    No sorry Eyes very cloudy. Some white marks near gills
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    Dog Face Puffer Help

    I will try and keep this short. 210gal tank 1.025 8.3ph 11kh 60 nitrate 0 ammonia Tank is 5 years old but upgraded from a 12 year old 150g. Puffer ate from my hand all was well he is about +/- 4 years old about 8” long. Month ago stopped eating hid under rock. Came out yesterday about 15min...
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    filefish vs aptasia

    Assuming you prefer not to use the natural way............ May I suggest this option it works also if you only have a few and I have used it...... Napalm them. 2004 Post: OK, here is my sure fire way, 100% success rate, never to return again method. Use a saturated solution of Sodium...
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    What constitutes a mature tank?

    Hey Ron Thanks for the Cheap Shot. Stable because of my consistency. Today's water in my 210 is 2 years old, which came from my 11 year old 150. Actually it's the dedication and preciseness given to my personal waterworld that allows me to not test. To the Deputy larger tanks are more...
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    Aitpasia Question

    This has been my method never had issues sounds rough but is safe. This currrent tank is 12 years never any problems. I know have coperband keeps things clean. 2004 Post: OK, here is my sure fire way, 100% success rate, never to return again method. Use a saturated solution of Sodium...
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    I need a definitive rule on water changes.

    Nothing definitive in this hobby. Find what works for your created world. Then stay with it.
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    What constitutes a mature tank?

    When your comfortable going a year without testing. Minimal maintenance
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    BRS 5 stage Ro/di help

    Do your homework. The stripped water takes the minerals from your body. It's not about getting minerals from food, yes you do but the water steals it. I watched 2 people go down this road got pretty sick. Dr had the get off the RODI. In time all got better. According to many doctors and...
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    BRS 5 stage Ro/di help

    Just an FYI Link.... RODI water is not healthy for drinking. Q. It is well understood that DI or Distilled water is not safe for drinking. The REVERSE OSMOSIS drinking water also may or may not be safe. Since it reduces the TDS to a very low level of 30-40 mg/liter, it may again be hungry water...