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  • Hey, I just saw that you're in Ohio and you have a custom tank. Who made it for you? Were they local or did you have to have it delivered?
    Whats going on? How are you? I feel like this place is not friendly anymore......kinda creepy.....???
    yo. How are things in AZ? I got a quick q for you. For my 36x24 would you use a Tek5 6 bulb, or one 250w lumenmax elite with a 20k reeflux? LMK what you think.
    Yeah, I need yo get it confirmed that it shipped, but it packed up and ready to go before I left. It should have shipped on Monday. I'm in Arizona right now and have limited access to internet. I'll doublecheck that it went out today, and will try and get back on tonight or tomorrow morning to let you know.

    - T.J.
    yo its jay...jayk198030 i bought ur calcuim reactor off u last week. was wondering if u have shipped it yet and tracking # if u have one thank you.
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