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    ***Fragged my Heteractis Magnifica***

    Lets see some pics of how they look today. Here's my question - if you had "multiple attempts, mostly w/o success", why would you try cutting them before mastering how to keep them? Anywho, I wish you luck. I believe certain strains of anemone are hardier than others. If that is due to...
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    best anemone for false percs???

    All the tank bred occelaris I have had have immediately gone for their native nems upon introduction, but only after quite a while (some years) have they gone into nems like BTA's. This implies to me that while instincts seem to be in play, there are also other factors influencing their...
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    ATB Deluxe Skimmer Club.

    Restricting air seems such a pity. I have an SWC estreme 250 askoll that appears to be working properly worked properly when the water was restricted just a tad more with a different pre-pump reducer than the one that came stock.
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    Carpet Nems

    Ditto. My gig has never been in the sand, and prefers the highest point on the rocks. The pic in my avatar is the lowest its ever been.
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    thought id share one of my favorite pics i took

    Only thing cuter would be if he/she had a buddy! Nice pic
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    How do I access AC3 online?

    think i got it! Thanks Russ
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    How do I access AC3 online?

    Thank you Russ. I did check the manual, but unfortunately its not specific enough for me. I do know how to access my router for port forwarding. Any idea what I should use for port forwarding, and what IP address I should use to access the AC3 via internet?
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    Carpet is dieing or something is up HELP!!

    I'm assuming this is a gig? Hard to tell from the pic, but looks like it has been bleaching for a while. If its a gig, the stubby tentacles are also a bad sign. I think all you can do is recheck all your parameters, run some carbon, and do a healthy waterchange. Don't even try feeding while...
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    How do I access AC3 online?

    I have an AC3 connected to my router and can access it fine from my home computer, but clueless how to access it online. Using a linksys router, all default setting. Can someone lend me a hand?
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    Help please.... fast

    I'd think if its on a clam you could gently pry it off (underwater) with a credit card
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    I need some Carpet pros in here... PICS/Questions??

    That's a toadstool? Never seen one that color - beautiful
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    Are Cone skimmers better than Regular?

    I had the 250 with the grey volute. It worked very well for about a year, and then the damn thing started overflowing. I cleaned it inside and out, tried a new pinwheel, etc etc, and couldn't stop it from overflowing. So, I contacted SWC. They sold me a brand new one with the white volute...
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    male false perc problem

    Does it play poker? That's the same expression I had last night when my full house went down to quads.
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    HQI-not staying on

    ^ that's what I'm thinking
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    Does ORA ever offer tours?

    Their website seems to have a tab for it, but says they are not offering any right now. Do they ever have tours? Is it seasonal?