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    How old is your oldest clown?

    I have an Ocellaris that is 21+ years old. I've had it 21 years, and it wasn't that small when I got it so it could be a year or two older than that.
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    Update MP40w (non ES) to Quietdrive?

    I have a pair of MP40w that I never upgraded to the ES drivers that have been happily humming away for over 5 years now. Can these be upgraded to the new Quietdrive drivers? Based on what I've seen on the upgrade instructions my guess would be I'm missing the wireless module that is in the ES...
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    What to do about my unhappy Maxima?

    No snails I could find on it, and it's in a relatively low flow area of my tank where there is flow. As for QT, it didn't hit a QT tank as I don't have one set up for clams, and it's the only clam I have, so if it brought anything clam related with it then it would be the only clam to have it...
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    What to do about my unhappy Maxima?

    I bought a new Maxima last weekend, and broke all my own rules, it was in a tank that had a fish pestering it and it looked stressed by I bought it anyway (duh). The seller said it had been doing great until a fish started to pick on it very recently and assured me that once it was out of that...
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    Build of my 60g nem cube

    Love the tank, it's beautiful. I wanted to ask where you found your water storage tanks, the 20 gallon ones? I want to do something similar with a R/O and auto top off and have just about enough space to do a 20 gallon storage tank.
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    Kessil a360w over 150

    I'm doing 3 of the A360WE over my 200g which is 72x24x27. It worked out great this way since the tank is a DSA and has two braces, so each light has a 24" section to sit over. It's still a fairly new setup, so no long term outlooks, but I think the lighting will be fine for what I plan to do...
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    Kessil A350/A360 for LPS/Zoa/Softie tank?

    I think I'll just go for it and get 3 of the A360WE. My wife reminded me that after spending quite a bit of time and money on building a fish room in our new house and in-wall tank it would seem to be a bit short sighted to go low end on the lights now. So now the question is should I get...
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    Kessil A350/A360 for LPS/Zoa/Softie tank?

    I'm setting up a new 200g mixed (non-sps) tank, 72L x 24X x 27H (DSA 200). Don't plan to do SPS this time around, but LPS, zoas and softies. I've always used T5s in past but was considering LED this time around. There seem to be many LED options, but I'm really drawn to the Kessil for the...
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    Deep Sea Aquatics Aquariums - Reviews?

    Ordered a 200 Pro with dual custom corner overflows for an in-wall I'm doing in a new house. They did a pair of 8.5 x 5 corner overflows for me instead of the normal center overflow. With the in-wall this worked better for my plumbing and I liked that it gave me a little more room in the middle...
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    February 20th Meeting

    And most of all, thanks Tim and family for having us all out to your house!
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    AC jr. software for web access now available

    I played around with the serial isolator for a while with the IOGear GBS301 and never was able to get it to work. I tried a number of attempts at jumpering the isolator and never got it where it needed to be. Thought about ordering a different isolator, that supports more RS232 pins, but then...
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    What a Great Holiday Party!

    Sorry to have missed it guys, I had a last minute out of town business trip and had to stay until Saturday before I could fly back. But hopefully my weekends will free up again soon, my travel schedule is slowing down, and my home renovations are almost done, so I may actually be home on...
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    Favorite SCUBA diving locations

    Saw every one of the things you listed on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Lots of hard and soft corals, nudis, and a huge Peacock Mantis shrimp. Along with many other critters including turtles, too many fish to even try to name, octopus, reef lobsters, sharks, etc.
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    ID please

    Different whelks have different diets. Some may eat other snails, clams, or even fish. Since whelks aren't usually really useful for cleanup crews, people don't usually bother to keep them. No telling what this one eats. I had one once that had come in a shipment of snails and I decided to...
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    pickling lime

    I use 2 teaspoons of lime powder per gallon of water. Mix it, let it settle or a few hours and use the clear liquid that results, leaving any residue in the bottom of the bottle to rinse out before doing the next bottle. I drip mine into the tank at a fairly slow rate to keep the pH from...