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  • I was looking at the pics of your sump and was wondering what are you going to do with all the life you have in it? I would like the little stars and mangroves and whatever else you have for my new refuge. If it is spoken for that is fine. By the way, what are you doing with your angel?
    Hey do u know how to post pics from my phone ive got my nano full and wanted to put up a couple pics but cant get internet in my subdivision yet so I cant use my comp to do it
    Hi twiggyb,

    Just wanted to know the status of my SLASH membership. Been 2 weeks now.
    Im getting some time to write my build thread finally. How do I insert the pics in the body of the thread instead of my current pic attachments?
    Thank you
    Hey this is Glenn AKA bigcasino could you get me access on the org site much appreciated call me if any problems 3143033422
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