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    QT T5's on icecap ballast

    yea two fans is always better, one blowing in one blowing out
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    euphoricgear's DBTC

    let me know if you have more frags, I'll update when they first open and again in three months like you asked
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    K2 viper on 12g nanocube.

    what don't you like about it?
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    K2 viper on 12g nanocube.

    i have a 70w viper mounted on my 12 gallon aquapod and it does fine. When I upgraded the light I had to slowly acclimate it by putting it as high as possible and running it for 4 1/2 hours then slowly lowered it and increased the time it was on
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    QT T5's on icecap ballast

    and the icecap can only run 4 bulbs on each regardless of size
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    QT T5's on icecap ballast

    the main thing is cooling!! if you have the bulbs and ballast kept cool with fans then they'll last much much longer and stay in the right spectrum of color, they may burn a little more whiter but that is normal. with fans they'll last 10-11 months easy
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    Tropic Marin Pro-Reef

    yea or you can buy a 200 gallon bucket for $70
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    euphoricgear's DBTC

    This is such an awesome idea, cool thread. Let me know if you have anything new. I'm a poor college student so would love to start trading a growing frags with people around here.
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    Lets Go Dodgers !!!

    I work at dodger stadium and it hasn't been that loud in a long time. FYI I also have some manny bobble heads I could trade for frags if anyone is interested lol
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    Everything For Sale

    how tall is the stand/canopy? pic of the canopy, how it opens?
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    F/S 120 Gallon AGA, Stand, and Piano Top Canopy. Need Help w/ Pricing.

    hey remember me? did you want to trade for that narrower tank? same dementions, just 18" deep, or wide? lol anyway, I'm interested so pm me.
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    want to trade tanks?

    I have a 30 gallon sump I could throw in.
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    FS- 120 Gallon 2'x'2'x4' Lemar, Stand & Canopy

    does it come with that pump? do you still have it?