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  • I'd like some if you can spare it let me know how much, tring to recover after a chiller crash.

    Hey, can you give me a call as soon as your available? I've got an urgent sps question for you... may involve you getting some free frags too :)



    I will take it. What is your paypal account #? Is it readable up close? could you forward a pic to my email? seanthecity@aol.com
    Good luck and if you have anymore questions let me know.

    I purchased the wire from radio shack and used a quite a bit more that what I thought I'd need. What you saw was the second roll for each color. I think I'll be keeping it for other projects around the house.
    That crazy favia has been through a lot with me and think I'll give him a chance to color up under the LEDs before I do anything with it. I was going to give you a frag of the blue polyp digitada (left side above ricordeas) but forgot. Next time remind me.
    Hey thank you for having me over! Really helped a lot in trying to figure out what direction to go with this. Will let you know what I end up doing.. probably will be a week or so.. Also, would you sell your left over 20g wire? Just trying to avoid having spending the extra money to have 3/4 of a roll of wire sitting around.

    If you have any frag you are selling I would be interested in those too... saw a favia (I think) on the far left side of your tank behind your rocks that looked nice if you want to get rid of it..

    Tomorow works good for me, I'll try to call you in the morning around 9-10 to get everything worked out. You're about 2 minutes away (I'm in Bdale east) from me so shouldn't have a problem getting over there this weekend.

    Thanks again!
    No problem, when did you want to come by? I'm off today but going to the Rays game about 5 today . But available most of Saturday. Call or text me @ 808-398-5590.

    I looked at Jaes to and was hard to take it all in, come on by once we get a time ironed out.
    13014 Creek Manor Ct
    Riverview FL 33569
    Hi, would it be possible to come and see your LED setup? I'm trying to get an idea of how many bulbs to do and how to manage them without having to purchase dimmable drivers. I give you a frag or two for your time if you would like..

    I've seen Jae's tank but its hard to figure any numbers out when his tank is 4 times the size of mine! haha

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