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    Does EB-832 Function at all on Classic?

    Yeah I get that. Apex explains that the power monitoring requires the "brains" of the new one. My question was does it not work AT ALL or just the power monitoring?
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    Does EB-832 Function at all on Classic?

    Is it just the power monitoring that won't work or does it not work at all?
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    Anyone ever use Hydraulic Cement for bonding rocks?

    Thanks for the reply
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    Big Update to Apex Fusion just made

    Did you put a place in the program area where a person can put note in the program language that are ignored by the program?
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    Anyone ever use Hydraulic Cement for bonding rocks?

    Thank you for the thread info, I will look into that. So did you experience any leaching issues with alk or pH issues? Did you use it right away or cure it out for a while? Thanks I'm pretty sure I mixed up correctly. The consistency was like clay pretty much. after it "dried" I was...
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    Anyone ever use Hydraulic Cement for bonding rocks?

    Funny you say that. I was just thinking along those lines yesterday. Think I'll use a combination of Holdfast 2 part epoxy and Marco E 400 for the majority of things structural and use the black tetra pond foam to help with the aesthetics and hiding of things, maybe use sand and rubble with it...
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    Anyone ever use Hydraulic Cement for bonding rocks?

    So the hydraulic cement degraded in the tank? I just tried mixing up the Marco stuff and it was as brittle and crumbly as regular mortar mix. I am needing something I can cover spaces between rocks that are covering PVC pipe (to be used in closed loop system) so that I don't see the pipe, and...
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    Anyone ever use Hydraulic Cement for bonding rocks?

    I am looking to bond some rocks together. I have seen E Marco Rocks 400 cement and was wondering if it's similar to Hydraulic Cement It says its reef safe and can be put in aquarium right away with no pH issues or leaching issues. I an needing to put this in the tank right away so I can't have...
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    Big Announcement Today on a Live Stream Event

    WOW Amazing upgrades just to the Energy bar itself let alone all the other great new features. Love the power monitoring on individual outlets and that they are all relayed outlets now!! Just wish that darn DOS was at a better price point.
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    WAV Mounting

    I made mention of it briefly when he had made me a few mounts for Reef Links, but he hasn't gotten back to me. Maybe I'll hit him up again. I wish Neptune would offer some options
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    Starting Apex APP for S7 Edge (if you were having trouble)

    So I just swapped out my S5 for an S7 and I'm trying to get the app started. On the S5 you had to hold down the bottom left "button" to bring up the menu. However when I do that on the S7 it says "Apex does not support split screen view" I tried the bottom right or "back button" and it brings...
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    Apex with WXM or ReefLink?

    I'm not a fan of having to program the lights separately with the WXM, and I really don't like that I can't see my changes in real time so it's extremely time consuming to set up the visually appealing colors.
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    WAV Mounting

    Was wondering if anyone has or can make up an inside mounting piece(3D Printing anyone?) that will allow for a 90* angle from where the mount is attached?
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    Can you use 2 display units on 1 Apex?

    Thank you both for your answers. That is exactly what I needed to know.