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    ATO/Siphoning Problem

    Thanks for the response. Turns out my Auto Aqua siphon break was installed a couple of inches too low. Moved it to the highest point in the line and all is well.
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    ATO/Siphoning Problem

    I have a 40 gallon Brute feeding my sump ATO. Problem is, when the ATO turns off, water continues to siphon into my sump (when the water level is higher in the Brute than in the sump). Came home yesterday to find my salinity at 30.4. I've thought of using a solenoid valve powered from the same...
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    Neptune SV-1 Solenoid Valve Question

    I have a gravity fed kalk stirrer that I want to automate, so that when pH drops below a certain level, my RO/DI top-off feeds to the stirrer rather than straight to the sump. This would require that one solenoid valve be in the open position most of the time. Is the Neptune SV-1 suitable for...
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    Lighting Mystery

    Got a Seneye last week. It's reading 120 Lux and 0 PAR centered under a ReefLed 160s and 5 inches down. It's been fairly consistent. Registering 0 Lux when the lights are off, so I know it's minimally functional. Seneye's response is that sometimes a led will register Lux but not PAR due to...
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    IM Nuvo INT 100 Build: Plumbing

    This Rube Goldberg arrangement was the result of lots of remnant parts from old builds and Innovative Marine's odd drain hole configuration. Tank components will be: Trigger Systems Platinum 34 sump, 3 Red Sea ReefLeds, Syncra SDC 9.0 pump, Maxspect SK-400 skimmer, and 2 Jebao SCP 150M crossflows.
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    Dual Return Pumps

    Setting up a Nuvo100 INT. Want to use 2 VarioS-2 for a turnover of between 3 and 5 per hour. Tank is drilled for one 3/4" return line, so 2 separate lines are no-go. I'm thinking 2 check valves on a y-connection are my only option, but will one 3/4" pipe have sufficient capacity to handle the...