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    Vortech MP40's vs Neptune Wav's

    is there one you prefer over the other? does the Wav's offer as many options as the vortech's? do the Wav's have a fairly wide flow pattern?
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    Vortech MP40's vs Neptune Wav's

    I have two old MP40's that need replaced, I already have an APEX controller and am debating do I replace the MP40's with new ones or switch the the Wav's. Looking for advice and feedback on what people think. I have been out of the hobby for 8 years or so and am trying to get back into...
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    Modding a Euro reef cs12-2

    I was wanting to mod my skimmer it seems that the sedra pumps just dont cut it. What pumps and how many do people suggest for doing this, oh yeah I wanna mod it to make it a recirc so that would probably be good info for everyone to know. thanks in advance for the advice
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    ID this coral please

    please ID sorry for the bad picture its from my camera phone
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    Can some one ID this coral for me?

    I don't know what it is and the person who I bought it off of didn't know either any ideas? sorry for the bad picture it was from my camera phone.