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  • Do you still have your fish tanks available? I am really interested in the ada tank.
    LMK if it is still available.


    Text me 859 620 5026
    uhuru do you still have the sapphire aquatics nano media reactor for sale? i cant send private messages yet so hit me up on my wall or yours.
    hi, nice to run into your threads... beautiful setups and wonderful health of everything within them...
    im interested in your 120p setup..
    do the seams bubble up badly? can I see pics of the corners?
    it'd be a drive for me from Illinois, any possibility of meeting in Indiana? price negotiable?
    happy new years and I hope to hear from you...
    Hi Manuel,

    I am very flattered and happy to be an inspiration for your new aquarium. The Elos is a great choice you will really love it! Please start a build thread when you are able to buy the aquarium so we can follow the progress of your setup.

    Just want to say that your Elos Mini reef is an inspiration for my new aquarium. I've got one of your aquarium's picture as my iPhone wallpaper. Love the composition and shape of the rocks and corals are perfect. I read about your mini reef every day. I'm planing to buy one but I'll have to save a bit of money first.
    I've contacted Elos Iberia and they say they could send my the tank direct from Italy to London(that's where I live) Nobody sales Elos in the UK.

    All the best.

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