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  • Ok so I lied I didn't have a nitrate test when you asked. With that being said I'd like to say sorry our convo got heated. However i do value someone's advice who Cleary knows their stuff such as yourself so I went out and bought a master kit. im thinkin 10-20ppm is this still ok? I took a picture of the test tube vs the chart but I can't figure out how to post in a PM.
    Uncle Salty,

    You recently recommended an aquaclerar filter. I picked one up a few days ago, and I noticed that while water flow seems to be about as good as it was with the biowheel, I don't have nearly as much surface agitation. Should I invest in a powerhead as well?
    Hey uncle salty
    Its krenshaw22... this is from my coral post. As you metioned I need a tds meter for my ro water that I make myself. What is tds and where can I get a meter to measure it...
    Hey I read a post you responed to about freshwater dipping for treatment of a fish. I was wondering if you had to dip any of your fish more than once to completely get rid of his his parasite? Im just wondering bc i just dipped a fish for 5min. It seems to be working. Alot of the ick/slim is coming off after putting him back in his tank. Should one dip do the trick usually, or do i need to do it again in about 2 days just for good measure?
    Hi, yes, H reidi :) Ive had this one for about a year and a half now, this one is actually a male, and his first time getting preggo . lol now Im up to my neck with seahorse fry :p haha
    I have no Idea about their life expectancy, but I'm hoping to raise a couple of the fry soon to replace the aging parents.
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