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    Viperspectra 165w

    For the price....pretty darn good. For the price....pretty darn good. I have been in the hobby for over 20 years. I took a small vacation away and now I'm back after 8 years off. Things have really changed for the better and worse. Back in the day I had T5's and then Metal Halide's. Getting...
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    Purple is taking over my tank!

    Equipment Absence Equipment Absence I dont want to jump the gun but Im curious as to what you have for skimming, filtration, making water (RODI), water circulation, even lighting. One thing with saltwater tanks is there is some cost involved. With the proper equipment your tank can run without...
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    rodi water is never zero

    Well Water has a substantial amount of elements for your unit to recover your water correctly BUT with new filters you should be able to get it at "0" with your TDS Meter. Is your meter calibrated correctly? And do you know the line pressure of the water going through the membrane? If it is...
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    Giving Up on this Hobby......Red Slime Algae Won't Go Away

    Your pics tell your water movement story. I would suggest: 1.) Investigate changing salts away from Reef Crystals 2.) Add a couple smaller power heads to give a bit more flow at the bottom 3.) Reduce your light cycle while increasing your water changes until eliminating it 4.) And last, if you...
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    Lighting cycle - total darkness?

    Fish only tanks I would say darkness at night is ok (unless you have the one evil fish that likes to strike at night). Now coral tanks I would say there should be a bit more attention paid when it comes to duplicating the moons light and cycle. My personal experience following an astronomy...
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    Moving tank - coralline complications?

    I have been down this path a few times and surprisingly most of it did pull through. One tip to offer which is relatively cheap to do and will give you a better chance of success. Go to Home Depot or a place like that and they sell off of a roll filter floss. Get you a good length of the 1"...