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    DAS skimmer club

    I'm still going strong with my das ex-2 in 2021. A couple of years ago, I brought an extra pump since red devils were starting to get hard to find. I still haven't had to use it. :lol2: Still, clean up pretty as day 1. :hb2: One of the easiest skimmers in the world. It is set and forget...
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    The Life Reef Skimmer Club

    Its very low compare to most skimmer. But comparing very different designs. Modern skimmers are designed for the more air.
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    Digital Aquatics Archon Owners Thread

    here the section: COMMERCIAL POSTING: Reef Central exists for the non-commercial exchange of information. Sponsors of this site are given banner space and/or a forum to promote their business in accordance with the sponsor agreement. All other posts or signatures that are deemed to be...
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    Digital Aquatics Archon Owners Thread

    because its not shilling. Shilling is pretending to be a hobbyist with the goal of pushing you product on people with false reviews or feedback . He is here helping people not trying to trick people. Its really simple and easy to understand.
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    sump for 92 gallon corner tank

    I use a 28 gallon bowfront tank as my sump in 92gal corner tank. Fits like a glove in the stand. Have a room for 5 gallon top off behind it too.
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    Whats wrong with my ASM 3g Skimmer

    I would check the air lines.
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    Need to Identify this Skimmer
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    can aquarium store make money??

    More money to be made setting up and keeping up customer tanks. Setting up a store not so much.
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    RKL/DA Programming Question

    Outlets 2 and 3 triacs and 1 and 4 are Relays, That pump that runs the ATO runs on low voltage and outlets 2 and 3 often have a small amount of voltage that runs though them even when turned off so things like pumps will keep running. So move it to 1 or 4 and that should solve the problem.
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    What to look for in chlorine testing kit & RODI carbon for chloramines?

    My city water uses very high amounts i believe and the last test they put out it was 3.11 PPM and PH is high at 7.78.
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    What to look for in chlorine testing kit & RODI carbon for chloramines?

    I have chloramine in my city water. I see randy suggest the hanna CN-70 kit that has both total and free chlorine tests. Do i need both? Hanna offer just a total chlorine test kit. Also i see bulk reef supply suggest using refillable carbon to be second stage. They use "Catalytic Activated...
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    Bubble tip anenome or pest? Pics attached

    Majano anemone KILL IT! 10000% a pest
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    Grape caulerpa battle

    Water changes and gfo. Have you tested your water for phosphate and nitrate? Pull it out once a week. Getting something that eats it is not solving the problem on why its growing in the first place. might want to look into a algae turf scrubber. Huge thread on these ATF in the advance section.
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    For the PAR inclined . Apogee upgraded sensor

    They want $300 just for the sensor?
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    MRC orca pro I or reef octopus 6000 skimmer?

    i think people see the big pump and think it will have more air draw so better performance. Really this is the only company that uses these large pressure pumps for a NW pump. Seems like a bad design honestly to use these pumps on a skimmer. Its a great return or close loop pump but seem like...