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    FS: Zoanthids, Favias, Mushrooms, mini colonies, frags, etc.

    I want the blastos and beach bum, very nice
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    FS: Gold torch, bounce shroom, large hammer, gold coco worm

    Can you send me a picture of the XXL Pukani with stylo?
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    All for sale moving soon

    Hey man I will pick up a whole bunch of stuff when you're available. Pectina, yellow, scoly, encrusting monti bottom right. Probably more :)
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    FT, FS or Free Montipora Large

    Did some major clean up today and pulled a 14" x 6" piece of red cap. PM me your number if you want pictures. Happy to chop it up, I just don't want to throw it in the trash. $20, high-five, looking for tang or other reef safe poop bringers. Located in Santa Ana, 5 and 22ish Hope everyone is...
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    those with bigger tanks--how do YOU change water?

    I have 2 ato's on the tank one for fresh and the other for salt. When it's water change time I just turn one off the other on, I pull about 10 gallons at a time. Just need to remember to switch it back to fresh on apex. I usually have about 50g on hand of both
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    FS: Tunze ATO, Skimmers, GHL doser, GEO KalkRX, JBJ ATO, Kessil Ams, reactors

    Willing to trade for the mpqd10? I need a back up
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    Bean's 300 Gallon AGE Build

    Beautiful! Do the black and purple get along okay?
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    Purple tang attacking yellow tang

    Whoa, I have never seen anyone taping a mirror. Have you used that multiple times with success?
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    Purple tang attacking yellow tang

    Anytime fish change their environment I have noticed it basically restarts their natural territorial bent. I have had success by catching the hostile fish and keeping them caged in the display for a few days. Once released they seem to play nice as the other fish has settled.
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    JF Beach Bum + ASD Phoenix + Tyree Rainbow + Lepto

    You still have any Oregon tort. One of the nems claimed mine
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    JF Beach Bum + ASD Phoenix + Tyree Rainbow + Lepto

    Hey Vu! I will take a bum and a jack
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    SPS recovery question

    Leave it be. I am always amazed how sps can bounce back given the right parameters. Best of luck
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    Rehoming a designer clownfish : trade for a frag

    How big? Can you tell male or female? My female jumped a month ago so I have a lonely Picasso in the tank
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    Best pump for sump deep clean?

    wet dry all the way. Just make sure to take the filter out first :)