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    WORC 2009 Frag Swap

    FragSwapper is online!
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    AOG frags

    Yes. I bought a frag of these at the 11th All Ohio Frag Swap in Sept 2006 based on pictures on well known sites like atlantis, reefermadness, and zoaid that showed them being AOG's. I think I paid $10/polyp at the time and certainly wouldn't have done so if they didn't look exactly like the...
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    AOG frags

    Nothing to be sorry about. They used to be called AOG's but recently have been renamed Devils Armor by powers that be for some unknown reason.
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    AOG frags

    It makes me laugh. 3+ years ago when I bought a three polyp frag of AOG's, they matched EVERY picture posted on and other websites exactly for AOG's, and continued to for the following 2+ years. Now, in the past 6 months, someone has switched things around and decided that they are...
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    looking for local store that sells Dow flake (calcium chloride)

    I would also think that as long as it has stayed dry, it is still good. And I'd be up for a bag or two :)
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    How many times can the same person relist the same stuff!

    Thank You. It is getting old.
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    Chalice wait list thread.

    I'd be interested in a piece if someone backs out. Thanks.
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    So it is official, I'm moving to Florida

    I loved the international experience also. But only when I went down to Coconut Grove or club'n on South Beach. Just didn't want to live in all that busyness. Its busy enough in FtL Las Olas area is real nice. Worked on a few houses in that area. I lived a few miles inland of there. As...
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    So it is official, I'm moving to Florida

    I lived in Ft Lauderdale for 17 years and am 10 years removed. I wouldn't live in Dade county (Miami and suburbs). Very international area and very cool to visit but crime, traffic, and other items would keep me from living there. For example, auto insurance used to cost double what it was in...
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    Gerber's Saltwater Werehouse?

    That pretty much sums it up. If your looking for places to go to in the Dayton area, try Aquariums Etc, Marine Solutions, Coral Ranch, and we have a new one opening in a week - Aquatic Specialists. They all sponsor our club over here and are much better options.
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    Will running Zeo kill bubble algae in SPS tank?

    I had great luck removing 99% of my green bubble algae by using the Vodka, Sugar, Vinegar dosing method. I had clumps of the stuff and would manually remove a couple of small tupperware containers full a week. And I have had a Red Sea Sailfin for over a year with no luck. After I started the...
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    show me your 'weird' stuff

    I believe a Pachyseris Foliosa: Some type of "blushing" brain coral
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    The City Center Casino!!!

    And the scuttlebutt was that Berman wasn't going to build the casino. He was only after the rights to build it and then sell those rights off for as much as $10M to some other entity that would build.
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    Reeflo/Sequence Skimmer Club

    I have a 250 with no modifications on 120 with about 200 gallons total water volume. It is a predominately SPS tank.