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  • i thought i would let you know that the seargent major fish is gone and your fish are doing awesome. The yellow started eating algae as soon as i let it out of the bag and the blue about 20 minutes later. The cardinal took place in the daily feeding just now and all dont even seem to notice they had moved.
    I never saw the NAMAS post from you. I've had lots of trouble with my posts on there too. I never know if anyone gets them. Often times they don't. Might be something we need to find another solution too.

    I was wondering what was going on since I didn't hear from you. I mentioned it to Mark and Brett (don't think you know them) who said they'd go. I'm sure Richard would too. But not sure about others this late. I can try to post or make phone calls tomorrow (friday) if you still want to try it.

    I never even got a message from RC that you sent this PM or I would have been quicker on the response. Sorry.

    Email me direct at mark.brehl@gmail.com or call me 853-7578 if you still want to get it together and I'll see what I can do to help.

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