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    1 fish dead 1 fish!

    Sounds like your 2 tangs had at it. I can't see a Royal Gramma doing that much damage to 2 tangs who can more than take care of themselves.
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    Test Kits -- Alternative to Salifert?

    I'm on my 1st SW tank. When I was in the planning stages, it seemed that Salifert was the "gold standard" in marine test kits, so that's what I bought. Now, recent discussions on this site are drawing negative comments about the accuracy of Salifert test kits. This, combined with the fact...
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    Black Tang Census!!

    I don't have one, but I see them from time to time in the LFS's. Maybe you're thinking of the truly rare Gem Tang?
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    a reef tank is like a girlfriend

    I always get the two confused...I put kalkwasser powder in my wifes tea.
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    Is Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab a good "janitor" ?

    My Blue-Leg hermits (I have 2) attack my snails, but the snails go into their shells before the crabs get 'em. I had some Margarita snails that would fall on their backs and the hermits ate them. I think they're too small to go after fish or cleaner shrimp.
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    Got a Cycle Question

    I used LR from another established tank and had no cycle. I've never had detectable ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate in my tank.
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    where to buy fish online with good deal?

    Liveaquaria seems to be very popular. Their prices are really good, until you get to shipping. I believe it's a $35 flat shipping fee, so that $5 Damsel now goes for $40. You might want to get a group buy together with some local reefers so you all can split the shipping costs -- so join a...
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    Going on vacation for a Ehiem auto feeder?

    Unless your tank is in a room with no windows, I don't see the big deal in having the feeder feeding when the lights are off. There's plenty of ambient light in the room where my tank is located...plenty for the fish to find the food.
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    Going on vacation for a Ehiem auto feeder?

    Eheim has a new auto feeder that just came can hold 2 types of food and no mods are needed for pellets. Here's a link: Eheim Feeder
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    Help me quiet my sump!

    To quiet mine down, I put a 90 degree elbow at the end of the overflow drain and added a filter sock. It's very quiet.
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    Lets see some tunze skimmate!

    Here's about 2 days worth...hard to take a good pic in a tight cabinet.
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    Blocks to much light for me so I use bird netting over my tank. I use eggcrate in my sump to keep macroalgae out of my return section and on my topoff container to sit stuff on. I also have eggcrate in the bottom of my topoff container to keep the pump out of the kalkwasser sludge.
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    Exotic Aquatics

    I've bought livestock from their store. They have one of the best selection and healthiest livestock in the Baltimore/DC area. I think you'll be happy with your purchase.
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    Lets see some tunze skimmate!

    Wow, my 9010 skimmate is much darker than these pics, and the cup will get coated with a nasty green film. It smells like a dead possum in a latrine. I like to think that's why my nitrate is still undetectable. I'll have to try to get a pic.
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    Need a good Skimmer

    Love my Tunze...much smaller than other skimmers and incredible performance.