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  • Hi pal back in the reefing game been trying to get in touch with you don't have your phone number give me a call if you want to reconnect , Carl LoCicero 516 - 732-6395 hope all is well with you and you bride and family
    Thanks Vinnie . I tried his address the one mike sent me and the one that is on lira where it says send message to Greg hiller no answer from all three. No luck
    Vinny what pump are u using on your tank I thought you told me it ran cool. Ian getting a water box 190 and I am looking for a cooler running pump then mine
    Vinny I was going to pay my dues at Jan meeting which is cancelled so I did it on line did you receive it. By the way happy new year to you and Jeanette
    Any chance I could get that comparison list please Thanks for the help.
    Hey Vinny, wondering what fish you have left if any or If you have any green star poly? Thanks! Adam
    I am looking to sign up for family day at Atlantis on August 20th.
    PLease reply to this.
    Charles & RUth Stein
    Hey vinny are you going to be sending us our new cards? Or do I get them at the next meeting? Thanks jaynie
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