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    My two new baby Foxface's

    two beautiful fish you have right there! im thinking about getting one of my own.
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    Expensive Lion!!

    surprisingly SumpDiver thats a "good price" for a DME they are usually between $900-$1,100 for one of those puppies...
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    Cleaning crew

    yeah..thats a tough well i would say XLG hermits are your best could try a tang for hair algae scopas and yellow CLEARED my hair algae in about 2 days and im telling you my tank was COVERED!!
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    Compatibilty- Bull Shark- FW sawfish-other

    i agree with billsreef people are going to see anything swimming in there and be dont have to go over the top..i think a nurse shark or two would be awesome because you can hand feed...IMO you should look into Nurses if you are set on sharks..what about you like rays??
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    Compatibilty- Bull Shark- FW sawfish-other

    well, this thread gave me some good laughs..the bottom line if you ABSOLUTELY want bulls, you need a HUGE tank way bigger then your talking about...i think i speak for most of us here..please leave these sharks in the wild and look for more eye pleasing fish...people go for...
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    Another tang question

    yeah i would agree as well, all 3 should have no problems living together being they ARE from different geunus' but i beleive he may outgrow that tank in the future...
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    ID me please

    yeah np
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    ID me please

    they eat worms, ornamental crustaceans, and even small fish..also very hard to feed...
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    Goby ID

    i think the valenciennea strigata is a good guess...i did some research hes the closest i could come up with to yur pic..
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    Harlequin Tusk Aussie or Indo???

    i agree the aust. is defintely the more colorful of the two...
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    Clown Gobys

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between a citron clown and a okinawae clown..i am going to be purchasing one soon and was also wondering if a clown goby was ok in my 30 with firefish, scopas tang, and percula clown?
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    Question about my Polyps/Zoanthids

    i have a 75 reef with some Pulsing Xenia, Flouresent Xenia, Purple Mushrooms (3 Different Kinds) (All Purple, Purple with Blue Dots, and Purple with Green Dots, which all came with my LR. I also have a Ricordia Mushroom, and Chili Coral. then i have my zoanthids.. i Have Yellow Polyps, Super...
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    Cleaning Crew

    try live aquaria or of them is pretty good i believe
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    emraled crab eat shrimp

    2 emeralds in my 55 with peppermints and they are fine
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    I'm a bad reefer are one you too ?

    i have a friend who has had a 55 FO for years and doesn't so water changes..simply doesn't do them