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  • thanks for letting me know about the RODI unit being sold. I'll pass on the heater. Thx
    Okay...heres the measurements:

    Length (outside edge to outside edge): 48.25"
    Width (outside edge to outside edge): 18.25"
    Rim Width: .75" Rim Height: 1.75"
    Center Brace Width: .5"

    Length beween Inside edge of rim to outside edge of Center Brace (both sides): 10.75"

    Please let me know if I missed anything and thanks for the help!!
    Thanks for the Quick response and offer to help, I'll send the dimensions as soon as I get home from work. It's a marineland standard 75 Gal rectangular.

    By false front I just meant that it will serve no other purpose than to "look good" from the front and hide the HOB devices.

    Heres the URL to the stand I will be matching:


    Again thanks for the help in advance!
    Sorry to bother you by PM... You offered plans for canopy to another member a few weeks ago. I too am trying to build a canopy and would appreciate any help you could provide. I too have a standard 75 Gal tank (thats how my search found the post). Currently dont have a sump. The tank is in the living room and the wife isnt too pleased with the huge Vertical HOB skimmer on the back of the tank. I have to hide the stuff pronto before the tank gets exiled to the garage! I dont want to build anything too fancy since I'm not a woodworker . I do have a leg supported quad light fixture on top of the tank so was looking for a open 3-sided design (false front) with a brace accross the back that wont interfere with the HOB crap. Still want to open the glass covers to feed and test, but dont mind removing the canopy for anything further.
    If you can provide any help i can give you the exact dimensions, if not sorry I bothered you via unsolicited PM! Thanks Brian
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