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  • Vu, my phone died and I lost all my contacts. Can you please send me a text? Thanks Vu.
    This is Mike, Gumma 1
    Hi, had seen you had the apex for sale. Let me know if I can come and pick it up
    Thanks ����

    I was wondering if you had any sps frags available, would be great to get some fox flames but anything else i would be interested in as well.

    Thank you
    Hi Vuqchu, Your inbox is full. It would be great if you would send the second controller. If it is not the issue, I will return it to you. Thanks. I really appreciate you helping me with this. Mike
    ill take

    Superman Rhodactis + Red Rhodactis + Zoas Rock - $20 all on the same rock

    Rock with yellow color eye zoas and a few goblins fire - $20

    Red acan with a few heads - $10

    if they become available


    my name is Sal. How are you? I am trying to locate a purple monster frag. Do you still have any for sale?
    Sorry, I forgot to add that it comes with a new controller.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hey thanks for the offer and you're not too far. Let me think about it though. It's a small tank so I might just do all live rock. Shouldn't cost too much. :)
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