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    Which Setup Would You Pick

    Option one is basically this setup So everything is Red Sea except the AI light I like the AI nano HD light, Id probably get one for option 2 if I went that way but have seen complaints its not enough for the almost 24"...
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    Which Setup Would You Pick

    Hi all now into week 4 of my journey to rejoin the reefing community. Ive been looking for a used setup and trying to stay within my budget. Ive missed out on a couple deals I wasnt fast enough for and a couple the sellers changed their mind (agreed on $500 for a setup and then decided he wanted...
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    Help Me Return

    Hi all so 2 years ago I sold my 75 gallon tank but Im looking to come back! This time it will be a downsize, looking for a AIO tank. Need to keep it on a budget, looking to stay under $500 so Ill be looking for some used equipment. Also have stuff left over from the old set up like my ato setup...
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    Reuse Live Rock

    I have some rock that was in a tank for about a year. After the last fish passed my son lost interest so I shut down the tank. The pump and heater were off on it for a few months but the rock was kept submerged. Yeaterday I took down the rest of the tank and the rock sat in freshwater overnight...
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    Diatoms Issue

    Have a 75 gallon thats been running now for about 2 years. All of a sudden started getting what looks like diatoms mostly all over my sand and some on my rocks. I use RODI water, filters were changed a few months ago and TDS are normally 0 or 1. Nothing new has been added to the tank in about 6...
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    Jebao Settings

    So I have a 75 gallon aquarium and have been running 1 rw-8 for the past year. I have noticed quite a few dead spots and areas not getting enough flow even though I have it at 100% and cleaned it monthly. So I decided to order another one which is a pp-8, got it today and set it up. I have been...
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    Redesign Sump

    I dont know about the temp in the sump, Ill check tonight. During the summer the heaters turn off when the display hits about 80
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    Redesign Sump

    Temp in the room stays around 68, guess Ill try repositioning them first then if that doesnt work removing the panel. If it still doesnt work its time for a bgger return pump
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    Redesign Sump

    So since it is now winter time here in ohio and pretty cold. The tank does not want to get above 78 degrees. It is a 75 gallon display with a 30 gallon or so sump. I have 2 250 watt heaters in the sump but I'm maybe thinking that with their current placement they are not getting enough flow...
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    Jebao RW and PP Series

    I have an RW-8 in my 75g and wanted to add another but now see they have the PP-8 instead. Anyone know if they will connect to each other or would I need to find another RW? Thanks
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    14g Jbj or 6g nano cube

    Just did this for my son, did the 12g jbj with LEDs of they had a 20% off sale so got it with the stand for $200 with free shipping. Love the leds as they dont put off any heat
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    JBJ Question

    I'm looking at the 12g jbj nano cub with the next generation LED's, says they are 1.3 w Cree leds, there are 8 of them 5 blue and 3 white. Will these be enough for say zoas, mushrooms, hammer and toadstools? Thanks if anyone has one would love to hear about it Tank I'm Looking At
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    2 AI Sol Blues and Controller

    I have 2 AI sol blues with a controller I've had for about a year. They've been ran at 50% for 8 hours a day, would like $300 for them.
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    Is Mid-Ohio, Central Ohio, or Northern Ohio??

    Take it you dont have a tank up and running yet?