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    Phosphate in live rock bin

    A combination of the two approaches would probably be great.
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    Phosphate in live rock bin

    But LaCl is so cheap and fast compared to water changes.
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    Phosphate in live rock bin

    I don't know if that's the right way to look at it, but it will precipitate out if the water. Because an equilibrium is always being sought, that will draw PO4 out of the rocks, which will them precipitate out as well. It's not technically pulling it out of the rock, but will have the same...
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    Phosphate in live rock bin

    Have you tried lanthanum chloride? Should knock that PO4 right out.
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    Silly question, where are the classifieds?

    Call me lame, I won't argue. I can't find the classifieds and I have a couple of big tanks I want to sell. 280 and 300 gallons. Can someone please link me to the classifieds so that I can post them there.
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    Real deal tonga branch for sale

    I have 200# of this same top quality rock for sale if anyone is interested
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    FS: dead Live Rock

    Are you still looking for Tonga? I have the mother load of A+ pieces.
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    Premium Tonga branch for sale.

    Thought I would post this here as I'm a few hours south of the Bay I have about 4-500lbs of top quality Tonga that I'm going to be selling shortly. Let me know if anyone has any interest. Pics are just an example of what's there, no junk filler pieces, all hand picked, killer shapes. Edit*...
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    Tonga branch rock

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    Tonga branch rock

    I'm in CA, Pismo Beach area. PM me if interested.
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    Tonga branch rock

    @reefing102 You are drastically undervaluing this rock. It's not even close to the same.class as the $2-3/lb stuff. I would think $15 would be the starting point. Some of this stuff is huge and just plain impossible to get these days.
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    Tonga branch rock

    I have to move some aquarium stuff out of storage, including some big tanks and a couple of trash cans of XXL Tonga Premium branch rock. Real rock, not synthetic. What is the current price of this stuff? Last I saw it was like $12-15/lb. As far as I know this quality of Tonga Branch...
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    Experiences with Polleni Grouper?

    old thread but posting in case anyone else looks into them. THis is bad advice. The pollenei are no more delicate than any other grouper. Get one, they are cool.
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    Gigas - any sources?

    These guys have distracted me from gigas desire