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    EVER feel Like starting over? I do and will

    Do you have livestock? Are you replacing your LR? Getting any new equipment?
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    The Reef Central Corner Club Thread

    That cable / chord chase is an awesome idea! Love it!
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    fuge ideas?

    I like to use a shop-vac to remove any collecting detritus.
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    fuge ideas?

    Is there any noticable growth with the chaeto? That should help control the nitrates and phosphates.
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    So what is this and how do I get rid of it!!??

    If you didn't siphon or brush, it looks like its receding or breaking up!
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    Wet Skimmate Water Changes?

    Wouldn't the increased amount of organics skimmed out w/ wet skim over dry have to be greater than the amount of organics in the water changed w/ "regular water change? :) I say worse case you have at least equal amts. of organics skimmed AND the added benefit of having to clean the skimmer...
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    The Reef Central Corner Club Thread

    Does the kalkwasser precipitate at that concentration? Will it clog any valves or pumps?
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    The Reef Central Corner Club Thread

    I can say if you are only keeping a few LPS and softies that the 150 watt MH will be enough light. I ran a 150 pendant over my 92 and it was plenty for a non-SPS tank! My 92 is 24" deep. Try the 20K if using it solo.
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    zef004 new 180g tank

    Beautiful aquarium! How large are your tangs? I also have a red sea sailfin. I've had him about 3 years and he is about 9". He seems to be a slow grower, but if or when he gets larger than 12", I will consider finding him a larger home. He is friends with a 9" foxface.
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    my new 92 corner from aqueon :)

    Very beutiful display! Have you removed any live rock as the coral grew? Do you still have plans to upgrade your powerheads? Again... you have talent in aquascaping.
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    Is My Water OK? I killed 3 fish during acclamation.

    ^^^ I was thinking of that thread! Thanks!
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    How do you know when you are finished cooking your rock?

    By "dunking and swishing" your rock "with sponges", would you not be killing the sponges and creating more nitrates and phosphates? Also, aren't there worms in the rock that burrow thru and break down the rock somewhat? I beleive the "dirt" you continuously find after every water change is a...
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    new holding tank setup

    Did you make those tanks? I remember a smaller (not sure if nano) tank build that had a slanted front viewing panel. It was pretty awesome! Nice set up! I wana built a new stand for my fuge and topoff/water change containers. I guess something like that w/ a fuge on top gravity feeding the...
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    anyone know anything about linkia parasites?

    When in doubt, yank 'em out! If they are moving quickly they look like they cound be amphipods or mysis? Just watch for the "parasitic" isopods. I was reading a different thread on your "tidepool tank" and am wondering if you have a build thread?
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    Longspine Cardinalfish

    I think they are active fish swimming mid-column and require a fair amount of feeding.