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  • I have a 72 bowfront with sump. I have fish/corals. Coralife fixture with two 150 watt 20,000 k bulbs that I need to replace the bulbs in. My sump is only two compartments so I am trying to come up with a way to make it into three so I can do a fuge. Right now I only have some different shrooms, some candy cane, a nepthili tree. I use to have several different zoas and some rics as well. I also had a few plates at one time. My trates are high and I am working on getting them down. I have to get rid of the bioballs and clean my sump. I want to get my params back in order before I get anything else. I have just been super busy and am now making a devoted effort to get everything back right. If you will just give me a call on my cell (256-996-5654) when you get in and have time this afternoon and I will wait until then to drive down to Brent's to take this pump back. Thanks !!!
    Yeah I ended up getting the wolf. My son loves feeding it by hand. I should get home from work tomorrow around 4pm, It shouldn't be a problem to get you some chaeto. Are you interested in anything else? I cant rember your equipment, but I probably can find something else you may be interested in. What kind of coral do you keep?
    Hey man, how's it going? This is Rick, the retired firefighter that talked to you at Petco the other day. Thanks for the sites !! I just left you a PM on the other forum. I was wanting to see if there's any way I can get some chaeto from you tomorrow sometime. I have to run back to Brents to return a pump. I noticed also that you must have got the Wolf the other day. lol
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