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  • Hey I live in rocky point and am in need of chaeto. Will pay five bucks or something. You can call me at 6318487053. I'd really appreciate it. Have had little luck finding it and don't wanna pay 20 bucks online. Thanks
    I am in Port Jeff station about 30 min drive. I can get him out tomorrow if you want to pick him up tomorrow evening or Sunday?
    Let me know where you are and when you can scoop him out.
    I am in Freeport.

    You can call me at 917-881-1608

    Ah, I see. I have to agree. So where do you sell stuff? Sometimes I don't want to give stuff away.
    Hey Walter, thanks for suggesting my light. But I don't think anyone in the club will buy it. The guy almost **** when he saw the price. I had to send him a link with the actual price of $859 LOL. Most of the club members are on the cheap side. I usually dont even list expensive items here, just on the For Sale Forum.
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