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    anyone been to sustainable reefs in SJ?

    Their website claims they opened over a year ago...
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    Anyone ever purchase from CL ad in Milpitas?

    I think you were mistaken, or that is outdated information. When I talked to him 2-3 weeks ago he said that he gets fish from many collectors-there are more than 500 licensed collectors in Hawaii, as well as from other collectors around the Pacific. He does collect some of the fish personally...
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    Anyone ever purchase from CL ad in Milpitas?

    How long was the fish in the bag before you saw it on its side?
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    Anyone ever purchase from CL ad in Milpitas?

    Almost all of the fish come from collectors around the Pacific and then go to his warehouse in Hawaii. Then he brings some of the fish to Milpitas. He feeds only pellets, but you need to make sure that the particular fish you want to buy is actually eating the pellets. He has specific feeding...
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    Anyone ever purchase from CL ad in Milpitas?

    I spent an hour there 2 weeks ago. If you want to buy at wholesale prices, then don't expect it to look like a LFS. I first met him while he was delivering a few dozen fish to a large store in San Jose. I bought a PAIR of Hawaiian Flame Angels from him for $60 total and their quality is very...
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    You know you're a true reefer when...

    ...When you're snorkeling in Costa Rica and wondering if the potential penalty for smuggling some corals home is worth the risk. ...When you stumble around in the dark because you don't want to turn on a light in the room with the tank because it might disturb the sleeping fish.
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    FS: Live Rock. 50 lbs+ $100

    There are some interesting pieces shown, but in the picture it doesn't look like there's anything "live" on it.
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    Looking for alternatives to egg crate to cover tank...

    During normal use, I think the eggcrate is going to break in that narrow center section unless you reinforce it somehow.
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    acrylic, magnets and magic erasers...

    Info about the ingredients, apparently no problem...
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    Why do my fish hide all the time?

    After all this abuse, we should at least try to answer his question. A few things to consider... Stray voltage? Use a grounding probe. Water parameter issues? Harsh lighting? A bully in the tank? Do the fish seem relaxed, going about their business, even though they're in the rocks? Try...
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    Why do my fish hide all the time?

    If he does that then WE will all be hiding.
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    Im getting shocked!

    After you eliminate the strong source of stray voltage, install a grounding probe. Even a tiny amount of stray voltage will harm your fish.
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    sponge for angelfish

    Queen Angels feasting on sponge, Grand Cayman. I watched these two eating for about 10 minutes.
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    aptaisia spores

    I used 3 Peppermint shrimp to get rid of hundreds of Aptasia. For the biggest Aptasias I used a syringe to drop a glob of kalk into their mouths. Never had to do that more than twice for any Aptasia.
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    Too many mushrooms?

    I have about 80 red/brown mushrooms growing in various places throughout my 90g reef tank. I've had most of the live rock for more than 10 years, and the rest of the rock came from Hawaii almost 20 years ago. As long as the mushrooms are not touching LPS or SPS, is there any reason to be...