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  • Hey can anyone tell me where to buy the cad lights 34 gallon I can't find it anywhere or the specs and company won't return calls thanks in advance for any information you can help with loving your new to the hobby thread. Thanks so so much! Pisces86
    Hello sir

    My name is Ahmed.I am 45 years old.I live in Turkey..first of all sorry for my bad english..But my reef loves better than my english.I have millon question but I have to start somewhere.
    I have plan about nano aquarium for 10-15 small fishes and sps,anemons
    so I have a few questions

    1) Tank sizes recommend ( my plain is 70 cm Width x 60 cm Length x 55 cm height
    2) which protein skimmer
    3) which lighting model

    Thank you
    May wanna redo the links in the Setting Up: How to thread. some of the more pertinent ones are error 404. Aside from that, great startup info. So thanks for that. :-D

    I just wanted to send you a sincere thank you for all of your posts you have done in the newbie sections of the forums. I have learned so much from you; more than I ever imagined that I could. With you posting to the newbie forums, who needs to buy a book on the subject!

    I read through a few of your visitor messages and saw everyone asking you questions. I know that is not what this section is for and so I want to say thank you. You have helped me so much.

    Thank you,


    I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the help. I would have never of guessed that a few years ago when I started into this great hobby with a 55g (that I never set up) I would be at a point when I would have the confidence to set up a 240g display with 150g sump. Your articles kept me on track and have been an insperation on how to do things the correct way. I still make mistakes, but they are greatly reduced by what I have learned by reading what you have posted on RC for us.

    Thanks again

    Water keeper I'm very new to the reef hobby. Please tell me where to find accurate info on what kind of coral I have the store I go to dosn't seem to know what their selling?
    where you been tom, the new to the hobby is like a ghost town without you on there.
    Sir I was wondering if you have ever heard of the aquaticlife nano 115 skimmer?? And if so was there anything good about it? was looking to put in a 20gal long
    I'm not sure you can do anything about this, but I am being denied access to my threads as well as other things, and I don't know why.
    dear mister waterkeeper,

    thank you for your articles, they have learned me more than all the books i've read about the hobby.

    thank you for helping me sift thru the info on the hobby.

    i'm only starting to consider beginning in this hobby, i wanted to be well informed before i did so.

    thank you again,

    greetings from the other side of the ocean,

    Ivan, Belgium
    Waterkeeper, Where are you?
    You quit hiding and come over here this instant! *points to a spot in front of me*
    We miss you.
    Hi Tom!

    Paul, Cap' and I MISS YOU! Are you OK? We are praying that you are good health! We are impatiently waiting to hear from you. Until then,

    Best Wishes,
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