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  • Hey, could you text or call. Interested in your tank setup. Thank you. 916-869-8496
    Hey Wes, Mike here (Ray's friend from work). I'm planning to build a new system. My current tank is a 29g, but I'm planning to upgrade to a larger tank. Right now it's looking like a 75g rimless with starfire glass. I have a few questions I'm going post on your Cube thread (basically looking for pics of your plumbing). But I have a couple other questions too.

    Do you do Auto Top off for water? Also, what do you do for Calcium/Alk, do you drip or run a Calcium Reactor? What kind of Protein Skimmer do you use? Thanks!

    West side wassssup,
    cleaned up the sump and all the plumbing I sent out a thread about skimmer size and return pump size. Just taken it slow man..............SLOW
    Hey Wes,
    I guess you got my text you are now my friend. I vist this site about every three days give or take. I'll be in touch.
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