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    MP40qd Tank too close to wall for proper spacer

    I have an 80 gallon tank that has been running for a few months. I decided I needed more flow and ordered an MP40qd. I found the dimensions of the dry side and measured the space between the wall and tank. I knew it would be close but the dimensions I found online didn't include the thickness...
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    Need float switch for saltwater reservoir

    So I've been using a LMIII for 3 years to do continuous water changes on my 60 gallon cube. Everything has been working smooth except for the couple times I let the fresh saltwater reservoir run dry. When this happens the LMIII'S still pulls water from the tank then my ATO, makes up for it by...
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    Lazy reefkeeper needs advice

    I have a nearly totally automated 60 gallon cube that contains mostly SPS with a LPS. The bio load is very low as I only have a few small fish. I have been doing 1 gallon water changes daily for nearly 2 years via my LMIII. I never check water parameters anymore but was curious what they were...
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    Where is the AI DIRECTOR Android app?

    Still waiting...about to sell my director and get the neptune module.
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    Tunze 6095 won't start

    2 years later and the pump stopped working again. I can get it to start by spinning the impeller but only when it's out of the water. I tried soaking it in vinegar and cleaned it all up but still no luck. I guess I'll be sending it in again.
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    Would a rusting hose clamp cause massive SPS die off?

    Brent, the tank is doing much better. I'm not sure I'll ever know what the exact problem was but things are doing much better now. Even SPS is thriving.
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    Aqualifter raising TDS in topoff water?!?

    How is there air inside your 1/4" lines that are full of water? The water sitting in my reservoir exposed to "air" still reads 0.
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    Aqualifter raising TDS in topoff water?!?

    I understand what the TDS meter is for but if I have water with 0 TDS going into a pump and not coming out at 0 doesn't that mean there is some sort of contamination happening? It seems to me that the rubber diaphrams of the pump might be leeching something into my top off water. How else...
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    Aqualifter raising TDS in topoff water?!?

    I recently setup a new ATO system and wanted to verify everything was functioning properly and I wasn't getting TDS creed in my reservoir. I was VERY surprised at what I found. About my setup: I have a 1/4" line coming directly from my RODI to a 120v NC solenoid that is opened for 1 hour...
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    Po4 and continuous water change questions

    Hard to argue with that.
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    Po4 and continuous water change questions

    I would like to keep mostly SPS which was the reason for my low target Po4 levels. I understand running levels too low is undesirable but to me 2 ppm seemed out of range.
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    Po4 and continuous water change questions

    Like I mentioned in the original post my tank has been neglected. I lost a couple fish, very rarely did water changes, never changed filter socks, ect. I was going to take it down and take a break from the hobby but instead I decided to purchase a litermeter in order to at least take some of...
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    Po4 and continuous water change questions

    I'm just really glad I don't have a large tank with this issue. I can see where it would get costly very quickly using this method I have fairly light bio load so hopefully the daily .7 gallon water changes will keep the po4 and nitrate levels in check. If not I may need to add another power...
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    Po4 and continuous water change questions

    Just checked po4 again after 24 hours of running gfo. Looks like it's down to 0.87 already. I'll keep checking until I see an increase and then change out the gfo with new. My goal is to keep po4 levels in check with 1 percent daily water changes and remove the gfo reactor. While I don't...
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    Po4 and continuous water change questions

    After doing a little (very little actually) I think I may just stick to GFO and water changes. I've got plenty of salt and plenty of GFO on hand so might as well use what I have. Thanks for the suggestion though.