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  • Wayne, sorry to bug you but how are your CB bandits?
    Have they taken to any lps or zoas. I'm very tempted with one, but it's a lot of money, and don't want to lose any corals.
    My tank has lots of zoas and lps, and at 900g would be next to impossible to catch it out.
    Wayne, I'm assuming you are headed to the swap tomorrow, do you want to ride out together? Depending on what time you want to go and how long you want to hang there...
    I don't think so. I actually bought one too in hopes they were, but mine darken as it grew. The ones they have on there now are from I think Fiji. I only know of the Tongan species that are true Golden through adulthood.
    Hey Wayne,

    Do you know if the Gold Sailfin Blennies from Quality Marine are the true ones? I saw a couple of small ones from there and it looked like their eyes are black but the ones I used to get have bright blue eyes. Do you know if that's also another sign of where they originate from?

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