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    Is the green anemone still available, i could pick it up tomorrow im in mt.airy md
    Hey Walt you mentioned you have had 7 leucokranos. I am seriously considering trying to obtain 2 individuals in hopes of eventually breeding them. So I was just wondering where the heck are you finding these fish? I believe I have only ever seen one for sale in my lifetime but know several people who have kept them so I know they are out there.
    Yes. I have had a sandaracinos clown host a fake anemone, but it did not look anything like a natural hosting. I really don't think you need an ugly rubber nem though. If you have a pair they will be happy. The anemone just gives them something to bicker and fight over. You're best bet is to go without until your system is ready.
    i was told by clown crazy to ask u about clowns and fake anemoes. Will clowns host a rubber anemoe? my tank is not established enoughr for a real one. If they do host it will i have problems when i switch it out with a real one? any help would be great.

    Thanks, jeff
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