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    Squamose gaping??

    i used to keep clams in a non-halide lit tank a year or so ago... i found that one of the most important factors to doing this successfully was high placement of the clam (which obviously brings it closer to the light) and slightly increased nitrate levels, i'll go out on a limb now and assume...
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    clam placement.

    i want to get my clams up off of the sand bed and into my mountains of live rock, unfortunately whenever i try to place my clams on shelf-like pieces of rock they end up back in the sand bed within a few days... any advice on what to do with my 2 inch super colour maxima, 4.5 inch crocea, 2.5...
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    my clam is being harrassed, what's next?

    thanks for the info... (he started to open up again today)... the reason i asked about the bristle worms is that i always find 2-3 under him whenever i lift him up to try and find out why he's randomly closed up...
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    my clam is being harrassed, what's next?

    i know that bristle worms can be a common problem associated with keeping clams and i was just wondering what i could do to prevent them from harming my clams... recently one of my clams has completely closed and this has led me to believe that he is being attacked by a bristle worm (that is...