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    Pay it forward SPS Giveaway.

    really miss my tank when I photos sure would like a FTS
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    FS 180 complete setup

    Sorry it's gone ;-)
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    FS 180 complete setup

    open to offers for the whole system
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    FS 180 complete setup

    pcannone sorry even if I part I wouldnt seperate the tank from the stand and canopy
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    FS 180 complete setup

    It was actually custom made not really a model this was taken before I had the riser added
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    FS 180 complete setup

    Way old tank picture The only fish I have now is a blue tang tomingi tang(SC) AND a pair of false percent I have a clam and a few shrooms The tank has been neglected because of lack of time Not really wanting to deal with parting that's why it's listed so cheep I have about $1300 into the...
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    i have a few but Im south of Midway
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    FS 180 complete setup

    Its an old pic but you get what it looks like there is a cabinet net to it with a 40B and my skimmer over 200 lbs of LR sequence barracuda for a CL 3x400 MH with Luminarc reflecters 75gal sump under tank Reef filler RODI and 35 gal HDPE tank to take care of evap plus every thing else I have...
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    looking to buy a glass 180g delivered and set in place

    are you looking for a complete setup or just tank stand and canopy?
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    lf: rbta

    I have two on a rock in Orland Park $40 call me as im not on here alot 708-567-4998 Joe