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    Aquascape for nuvo 20 build

    You're gonna have problems getting to the back left corner to clean the glass. Other than that it looks good.
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    Looking for ATO

    Tunze is great because it has no moving parts. I have a Smart ATO and it's been great for me, again no moving parts. I know Icecap and Avast Marine make a unit with no moving parts as well.
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    How I got rid of my dinoflagellate

    Sounds like nutrient extraction to me.:thumbsup: I've never heard of anyone beating them this way but I know you have to happy now that it's gone! Good luck!
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    Only running a skimmer in my reef tank?

    For a setup like this water changes are your friend. This is the basis for 95% of reef tanks and most only add a few more pieces of equipment like a reactor for GFO(phosphate removal) and Auto top off to keep from having to manually fill the evap water. I would highly recommend getting an auto...
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    Ttm on juvenile bowder blue

    Yeah but if he does TTM right and has no ich in the tank the Powder blue will be fine. Follow the TTM to the letter!
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    New Reef - Orchid Dottyback Ich + Fon Rot?

    Fish stores treat their systems as a whole because they don't hang on to fish long enough to go through a proper quarantine procedure. To be blunt, no, the way you're treating the system will not help solve Ich. Fin rot I'm not sure about I've never had to deal with it, it doesn't matter...
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    Too big of a skimmer?

    I would toss the Coralife or see what you can get for it on eBay. It's one of the worst skimmers out there. I don't know your budget but as far as size goes a skimmer rated for around 120 gallons would be good. You want to get a quality skimmer that you can set and forget. The Coralife skimmers...
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    ID polyps

    That's aiptasia. Did a fish store give you that frag for free? I would not go back if that's the case. I would also gently remove that frag and dispose of it. Fighting a battle with aiptasia is not worth any frag let alone a free one.
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    Brown Diatom

    It will go away in time 3 months is about the right time for a diatom bloom. No worries every tank goes through this. Just keep up your normal tank maintenance and it will pass? What is your source water, and do you have your sump lit?
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    Flow Requirements for my new aquarium

    The best sand if you want to mount those pumps on the back glass.
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    Flow Requirements for my new aquarium

    I personally think it's better to have them on the back glass placed just over your largest rock formations or just to the side. The reason for this is when the flow hits the front glass it will spread out and crash back into the rock causing all different types of swirling flows within the rock...
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    What kind of bulbs generate heat?

    You can still have it minimalist with a sump. Some equipment like a skimmer and a single reactor will make your life a lot easier. Without these things, your tank may be minimalist, but the work you will have to do to keep it viable for coral won't be.
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    Question: Cycling a bare bottom tank

    Once the light source is introduced you can expect some algae growth, especially in a young tank. Not a big deal though just have a nutrient export plan GFO, water changes, etc and you will see the algae start to disappear.
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    Microbubbles all over the tank

    It depends on the skimmer but most of them have a water level adjustment on the skimmer that will let out bubbles depending on how open or closed you have the dial. I would get an auto top off If you haven't already, that way you don't have to worry about the water level in your return section...
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    How long before adding fish to a new salt water 40 gallon aquirmuim

    Use your test kits to know when to add fish. Once you have zero Ammonia and zero Nitrites you can add fish. Bacteria in a bottle will speed up the process.