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    Building a plywood reef tank

    link worked fine for me blunt man
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    1.5" Silicone tubing source

    mcmaster 5114K51 clear tygon 1.5" ID w/ a 63a (soft) durometer - $15/foot
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    Web cam / remote access

    you could probably use some software like this: (never used this myself though) to stream from the connected PC. Other than a software-based solution, I can't think of any way to use a USB camera. I think that you would need to move to something that...
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    Using RO/DI unit after hurricane??

    viruses go down to like .01 microns and a RO membrane's holes are .0001 or something. That's one of the reasons that RO is used to treat water in developing countries and the like. :)
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    Dual RO Membrane Hookup?

    As stated by buck50bmg, the proper hookup is waste of 1st to input of 2nd. With a proper flow restrictor, you should be getting about 1:4 ro/waste out of the 1st membrane. With that being fed to the 2nd, you are now effectively doubling your output, while still substantially decreasing your...
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    Using RO/DI unit after hurricane??

    actually RO filtration does remove viruses and bacteria.
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    AquaConnect 14ks

    dead - have since switched to Helios's myself. I've been running one now for about six months off a son agro and it's still looking good. Peter
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    AquaConnect 14ks

    the one I ran on HPS only lasted about four months. :(
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    OM 4-ways running very hot

    the motors on them get very hot - don't worry about it though. :)
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    Electronic HQI ballasts/Magnetic HQI

    I don't think the question was whether or not it will fire the bulb, but if it will actually drive it at the increased wattage. For example, does the icacap 400w actually behave like 430w hps "son agro"?
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    CO2 Regulator

    I'd recommend that you get a dual stage one off of ebay Just doing a quick search, this guy has a couple listed:
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    co2 tank question

    no, but you should have a teflon washer that goes in the fitting.
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    Omg $4,089 For A Skimmer!!

    no, because that is actually (supposedly) completely contrary to America's economic system. The Protestant work ethic and its subsequent materialism is what drives this economy and differentiates at least some of our workforce from the rest of the world.
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    vodka dosing

    I've been dosing about 7ml on appx 135gallons for four or five months now. I feed what I would consider pretty heavy - at lease three nori sheets a week, two cubes every other day, and multiple pellet feedings daily. I also am trying to get some pajama cardinals (which now live in my stock...
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    recommend something that will eat my coral

    believe me. .there is no human intervention that will get rid of the things. If necessary, I could move the acans elsewhere though. I was just hoping that somebody would be able to provide some insight on something that specifically seems to have a taste for softies and the like.