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  • I was asking about the direct number to Planet Aquarium. It is 214-275-3958. Is this what you are using? The last time I dealt with Planet, on my 90g, the owner named Armondo, told me Rodney was no longer associated with them. That was quite some time ago. I just called the above number, and it went to voicemail, Jerry Acuff, who is with Planet Aquarium. I would call them and see if Rodney is still selling their aquariums. I know that when I spoke with the owner, they were pushing to have customers use local fish stores, and that may be the case with Rodney now. I don't know. I would definitely call the number I just provided and go from there.
    Yes, that is the number he is representing. I have actually found his email address on another forum that I have been in contact with him. His email address that I have been communicating with is fishguy.rodney@gmail.com. I am guessing that he is attempting to scam me?
    I see. I have been in contact with him. He has actually been responding to my emails for the last couple of days and has given me several quotes on Planet tanks. Has been vague about what his connections are with them however. I am not comfortable handing my money over to him. I have been trying to get a hold of Planet for a couple days, but they never seem to answer the phone.
    I have read that you recommend dealing with Rodney Hicks in purchase a Planet Aquariums tank. Does he still sell tanks? Also, do know any information about him? Who he works for, etc?
    Hello I was reading a really good post by you on your MOD for the Reef Octopus can point me to it I can not find it for some reason again
    hey wildman when you got your tank from PA did you go through a store or did they build it for you?

    My name is Dennis and was thinking about getting one of there tanks.

    Thank you
    Hey Wildman. I noticed a pic of your sro 2000int and waste collector hook up. What type and size were the fittings you used on both the 2000s collection cup and the waste collector? I believe those fittings would eliminate the fear of my drain tube getting pinched closed. Im running the 2000 as well and just recieved the auto waste collector. Out of curiosity, are you happy with the set up? And thanks in advance for your help. Much appreciated.
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