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  • hey bill, you still around? i still have a book of yours that i would like to return when convenient. hope all is well in the peoples republic of park ridge.

    No worries I'm flying tomorrow but give me a call, leave a number and I'll get back to you between flights.

    Bill I got some items from you for the diy led but I got some drivers from one of the reefs made in China I need your help is it ok ?

    you are second inline.
    I will let you know if the deal falls through.


    It is a sweet Bird to fly (G-IVSP). A 91 gig would be sweet. With 13 Pax and max T/O3800nm. We very seldom carry that many. Our average is around 4 to 6 people, max range is around 4200. My best is 9:20 minutes and 4100nm (EGGW-TNMN). I had a buddy ferry one and flew 10:15. I got offered a job in Singapore in the 450/550 but starting pay wasn't enough.
    G IV...Damn always wanted to fly that or the V for some cool dude.

    Sexy airplaine whats the legs on her? The CRJ is around 2500nm with IFR reserve.

    Thx, best job I ever had. 19 yrs flying in Alaska and 5 yrs in the G-IV. Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I'm really not interested in the everyday clams you can find locally. I was looking for one that was a little more unusual, harder to acquire, not seen as often.
    I just sold my last clam. But can get them. My supplier imports several hundred a few times a year. Will also be ordering from ORA next week and they sometimes have the ultra maxima clams.

    No worries about the remark any time youre able to sit in front of the engines and be paid your shooting better than Par.

    I Apoligize about that remark. You are doing better than I am. I sleep in my own bed about 12 days a month. I do like the younger flt. attentants. My schedule is 18 days on and 10 days off. I've been sitting in a town outside of London for 7 days now (EGGW), getting tired of sitting around. Do you sell clams or know where I can buy one. I see that some people come to you for some coral that are a little harder to acquire.
    Barbie Jet...The old scholl was a DC9.

    Only the top 20% can sleep in their own beds...but then again our flight attendants are 30years younger and 30 Lbs lighter;)

    We do just short of half of Uniteds domestic departures.

    It is a good job

    I was looking at your profile and I saw a reply that I think was meant for me. I see you fly the Barbie Jet. Who do you fly for. Sounds like a cush job. Must be nice to sleep in your bed about every night.
    Totally agree. I'm using 4 actinic T5s and two 50/50 to suppliment as I think that will give me the best colour. I will switch to 3 daylights in the fall solstice.
    hey bill I went to Advanced aquadics and talked to John there. we discussed the led versus t5 etc.. and the uv issue. he seemed to knwo what i was asking and suggested that if i go led I should suppliment with t5 bulbs in the 10k area. he seems to think thats the best chance for UV suplimenting. your thoughts?? but sounds plausible.
    Hi I hear you are the clam man, do you have any for sale Im looking for a maxima.
    THanks Peter
    Mostly fly the CRJ 700. out of ORD. Its a good job. Mostly do day trips to Canada, Montana or Idaho.
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