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    My new system at 1.8 years

    Wow! Very nice.
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    My new system at 1.8 years

    cant see pic
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    What is this crap and how do I get rid of it?

    Yes i can see pics, looks like dinos. it should cycle out it a few weeks, dont do more WCs.
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    Good fish for 40g Bredder Reef?

    Sugar Magnolia is correct. A 40g is just big enough for the fish you have now. You Could get 2 or 3 gobies but stress will leave you with no fish if you try adding more, sorry.
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    Please help ID this coral!

    That sounds right Adrienne, I forget they come in other colors besides green!
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    Please help ID this coral!

    Could be a retracted Goni:
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    Please help ID this coral!

    Looks similar to:
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    Flame Wrasse Mystery

    Do you have cats/dogs?
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    IM fusion pro 40 gallon

    I would think that you just fill it up and turn it on.
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    What's this.

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    Fish Question

    I like Annularis and Queen angels, may be a French too! Good luck.
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    Black film inside UV housing

    It sounds like housing is not UV compatible, it could crack.
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    Looking for some advice

    FYI, Halichoeres biocellatus sleeps in sand. Royal Gramma are territorial but should be ok. They will open their mouths to fend off threats. I'm not sure about the shrimp, i had a coral banded for a couple of years but not w/ other shrimp. If you do get a fire shrimp check SG of bag water and...
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    Mandarin Goby-Possibly attacked?

    Usually BTAs are very hardy after a couple of months in the tank. If lighting was too intense, the nem would retreat under a rock. Most nems live in the shallows, so more white than blue should be considered.
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    Mandarin Goby-Possibly attacked?

    What kind of anem and how long have had them? If new you need to mimic the same light, or less intense, that they have been.