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    Euro reef skimmer for parts

    PM sent
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    Growing cheato with ai prime?

    IMO For just chaeto: Overkill. However if you want a nice light for a small tank its hard to beat. I use it on a 20L to support turtlegrass, mangroves and Cassiopeia jellyfish.
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    Reducing Resonance in Pipes

    Great. Ill get one.
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    Macro ID please. Florida

    I think the ones on the right are Enteromorpha. No idea on the others.
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    collecting macros in florida

    Also be careful what you collect. Some species are protected and you can get in trouble. C. Paspaloides for example.
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    why is my caulerpa profillia dieing

    If you don't typically run your system at or above 80 it may be responding to the temperature spike. try pruning out the dead parts and getting your temperature down a bit.
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    Reducing Resonance in Pipes

    Does anyone have any tips on doing this. I just replaced my old Hammerhead with a completely refurbished HH Gold. The noise reduction is blissful (old HH was cooked) but there is still a hum that resonates through the house. I'd like to reduce this further. Anyone have advice on deadening...
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    Anyone run EDUCTORS in their tanks?

    They work well on my hammerhead. I acutally removed one from one of my lines because I needed to slow the flow down in that area
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    where to get gorgoians?

    It depends on whether you want to keep PS or NPS gorgs. There are some PS yellow and orange gorgs available from KP but they are not the NPS Diodogorgia that I believe you are talking about.
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    SeaChem Flourish for Macro tanks?

    FWIW I use flourish tabs in the soil for my seagrass. It does not seem to effect my inverts. I have GBTA, Gorgonians a T. deresa clam, Rhodactis and Ricordea mushrooms and M. complanata.
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    Looking for a colorful or unusual serpent or brittle.

    Thanks Rabbit. If I decide to get another ruby I may consider them but I think I want a more docile species this time around. While that ruby was one of my prized inhabitants I'm not sure it wasn't responsible for some fish disappearances. It was very sad to lose such a nice animal after...
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    Looking for a colorful or unusual serpent or brittle.

    Anyone seen a really nice brittle or serpent for sale around lately? I lost my Ruby serpent to a salinity snafu the other day. RIP seamonster
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    So apparently turtle grass loves my tank...

    My turtle grasses send up rhizomes from the tank substrate and begin to root near the base of the leaves. When they do this I snap off the stem below the root and replant it. Most of the "good" nutrients are in the soil.
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    Display macroalgae question

    I often pick through my LFS's live rock tank looking for algae. Also I just ordered seagrasses from Florida Pets. They are more demanding than macros but they are my favorite.