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    jabeo DC 12000 noise level

    So it seems hit or miss on the noise level. Guess I'll see if the company will exchange it for a different one.
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    jabeo DC 12000 noise level

    Its coming from the pump and I picked it up to see if it was vibrations through the glass but it didnt change.
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    jabeo DC 12000 noise level

    Anyone else running a DC12000 have a fairly loud hum coming from the pump. It is noticably quieter then my ext Dart that it replaced but I was hoping it would be as quiet as the DC6000 on my 75
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    I need a "majano anemone" eater

    My filefish ate almost all my aiptasia, then started to go after my lions. Ended up in my sump
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    Lint looking something

    Majestic is dead. Tank is about 3 months with fish, fully cycled and fish added slowly. Angels were all QTed, the sailfin and doctor fish came from someone else and were all healthy(stupid move I know, but didnt have a big enough QT tank) and my female was the last add about 2 weeks ago(she...
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    Lint looking something

    Woke up to find my juvi majestic laying on the bottom barely moving. Checking everyone over I notice what looks like lint on my sailfin and male clown. Those two are swimming and acting normal, the majestic is trying to swim but not doing well at it at all. His fins are tore up cause my passer...
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    so whats the scoop on the frozen fish feeder?

    VERY interested in this. Was just talking to a friend about something like this. I'd rather feed my frozen food then pellets all the time. Very excited to see someone is seemingly so close to production
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    Crazy Peppermint shrimp

    Was thinking peppermint to tackle my aiptasia problem....F that now
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    What would you do if this hobby was banned

    Go FOWLR, beginning to enjoy it more then my reef tank anyways. And have more money for my Jeep
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    Can a FOWLR tank look beautiful

    I need to add some more rock to my tank but I agree with SD, with a FOWLR its about all about getting colorful fish and how you do the rock work. With my angels and plans for butterfly's I doubt I can get any coral to survive
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    My 240g FOWLR

    Makes me want to add a bunch of butterflies to my tank. So much beauty
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    130 X 36 x 36 inbound...any suggestions?

    It was rigged!!!!! Lol JP. I didnt even get to go
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    130 X 36 x 36 inbound...any suggestions?

    Those are beautiful. Congrats
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    130 X 36 x 36 inbound...any suggestions?

    OK I wasn't really following all that close before but now I'm excited to see what it is. You posting in thus thread or making a new one? If its a new one there better be a link here