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    Normal Regal/Blue Hippo Tang behavior?

    They tend to be very sensitive to change. What you describe is very typical. The hippo I have goes into his favorite crevice whenever he gets startled.
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    Cherub Pygmy Angelfish

    I have had mine for a couple years now, it was the last fish added to my tank. I wouldn't say it is overtly agressive,but.....he does seem to enjoy ticking off the royal gramma. He likes to swim by the gramma's cave, prompting the gramma to bluff at the angel and open his mouth wide. If the...
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    Mag 12 users inside please....

    You would only use the pad underneath if you run the pump externally.
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    Phos reactor

    Sounds like you have it right. You want to see a clear section of water in the reactor above the media. If there is too much flow, the Rowa will enter into your tank.
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    Fish Planet

    Here's their website Fish Planet They're in the Howe 'Bout Arden shopping center and will be opening "Fall 2006"
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    phosphate reactor help

    Here's a link to tips on usage from the manufacture. ROWAphos Tips
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    Plumbing: 1" Pump vs. 3/4" Return Fitting?

    Try going here Head Loss Calculator and enter your pump info. Use the calculator with both 1" and 3/4" to get an idea of how much loss you'll get by reducing the pipe size.
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    Plumbing: 1" Pump vs. 3/4" Return Fitting?

    You can use the reducer. You won't get the full flow that your pump is rated for, but it won't cause a problem.
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    Really concerned

    I wonder if perhaps your removing the wet/dry also lowered the oxygen in the water. There's some good info in this link on low pH issues Low pH: Causes and Cures Hopefuully this can help you trace the issue. Good luck
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    pH shifts

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. This article Low pH causes and cures will give you some tips on identifying the cause and how to correct your problem.
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    joes juice?

    The Joe's Juice worked for me, though a few of the aiptasia required more than one application. If you haven't already looked here Methods of Aiptasia Control you might find other methods as well.
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    Help with KH/alk levels...

    There are many articles at this link Reedf Chemistry Articles Look in the Calcium and Alkalinity section for info that fits what you have going.
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    The live rock ought to give you enough biological filtration, so the bio-wheel won't be necessary. The rena can be used for extra water movement/carbon. Most people will highly recommend the use of a protein skimmer. There's some really good information on filtration in this thread...
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    Photos from my Aquarium

    Your friend takes beautiful pictures! You might want to share them here as well: Photography Forum
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    stupid question

    It won't cause any problems leaving it in the tank. Of course, removing it won't be a problem either!