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    Air supply for a fish room suggestions needed

    i have a 150 DT In wall,I've recently added in the fish room behind it tanks for rotifers, brine shrimp, and larval grow out tanks. I also have several cultures of nannochloropsis growing. I want to install an air delivery system that will run around the room on the walls, I'm thinking PVC with...
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    Picasso clown eggs ready to hatch, water ?

    The babies were born, but only lasted 3 days, I was pretty bummed but also on the bright side for my first attempt, the eggs were viable, I got a majority to hatch with no bacteria attacking the eggs so I learned a lot so I'm trying again in a couple of weeks with some tweeks. I'm going to use...
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    Why is my nannochloropsis turning yellow ?

    I have 3 bottles of nannochloropsis growing well but after 5 days 2 have started to turn yellow. Is it dead or what happened ? I have 1 500ml bottle that looks great as well as a 2 liter that looks great. Should I start new cultures from the 2 liter ? Refertilize ect? Can it be refrigerated...
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    Picasso clown eggs ready to hatch, water ?

    Well no babies yet, I've added rotifers and some roti food
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    Picasso clown eggs ready to hatch, water ?

    Sounds like good advice, I've read lot about light effects on larvel clowns so since I'll be adding rotifers I might as well get the water greened up a little TY
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    Picasso clown eggs ready to hatch, water ?

    My Picasso clowns have been laying consistently over the last 6 months and are now producing steady good size clutches of eggs. I have rotifers on hand as wel as green water, nannochloropsis for the rotifers as well as roti-food. My question is I have a 2.5 gal tank for the hatch. Should I use...
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    Goldflake Maroon Has Laid Eggs... Maybe?

    Get some rotifers and green water
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    Rotifer culture beginning

    My Picasso clown have been laying clutches of eggs for around 4 months now on a very regular basis so I'm going to try my hand at raising them. I bought all the supplies from ANF in Okeechobee Fl. 1 gallon of live rotifers 1 bottle of rotifer food 1 bottle of nannochloropsis micro algae 1...
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    Okeechobee fl reefers,

    Trying to locate fellow reefers in the Okeechobee area. Please leave me a note or contact me through this page, let's have fun.
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    Purple tang experiences ?

    I'm adding a 3 1/2" purple tang to my existing 150 DT and was wondering what to expect after introduction. My other fish are as follows, coral beauty 2"+, a fox face 5", blond Naso tang 2", 3 purple fire fish, a marine betta 3", lawn mower blennie, 2 psychedelic mandarins. All fish are very...
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    Exotic sun by sea life

    Here's the face of it
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    Exotic sun by sea life

    I'm trying to find a manual to program these lights
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    Metallic silver fox face

    I am trying to find a source as well as the correct name of the fish pictured. It's caled a metallic silver foxface, siganus magnificus, but that name also includes the majestic and or magnificent fox faces. I would like to find a source near or in Florida. Also is there a more specific Latin...
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    Platinum clowns and new 40 breeder tank

    Top view of how I used the HOB returns. The pick up is located on the bottom next to the 1" grid under the opaque glass