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  • Hi siokoy,

    The pump is definitely made in China. I haven't found this to be an issue, as the customer support through Coralvue based here in the US has been very good. I had a faulty impeller (seized up frequently) and Jeremy replaced it under warranty.

    I have two 3/4" lines from my sump to my tank. I also have my HY 7000 supplying a couple of Lifereef filter cylinders. The flow was strong enough that I had to throttle it back with a ball valve in each return line, the flow was overpowering my Durso drains.

    Hope this helped, any other questions please ask!
    Yogre... Ive been reading your post on HY7000 pump, do you notice any difference when plumbed a 3/4 inch return line to the main tank? I have at least 6' from sump to tank height only have single outflow and I'm thinking adding more. Also do you know where the pump is made? I have bad luck with stuff made in china hopefully this would change it
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