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    Livestock for sale

    Pic of filefish?
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    FS: Jawbreaker mushroom- $80

    Any green or red showing yet? Where are you located?
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    misc. stuff for sale

    I'd like the 7 polyp of Electric Oompa Loompas. Any photos?
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    LF zoas: Pink krak, strawberry wine, daisy duke

    I've got some pink Kraks... How many polyps you looking for? What have you got to trade? I have no idea how much to ask as I've seen a lot of crazy prices.
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    Zoa expert ID...

    Looks very much like a candy apple red to me, as well. Can you get a photo of it in whiter light?
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    "Rainbow Hornet" (no picture)

    Sick. Let me know if you guys get enough growth to frag a few polyps off.
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    Never seen Zoanthids.

    You live in Seattle. You should be able to find plenty of decent bowls of katsudon! I live in the Bay Area and I only have to drive 10-30 minutes to get a decent bowl (10 minutes away) or 30 minutes to get a flavor similar to what my obasan would make.
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    Never seen Zoanthids.

    Back in '04 or '05 there was another guy who posted here that had the same sea mat-style zoos that you've got (the white ones). Pretty sure he was stationed in Okinawa, as well.
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    check out the SF chronicle today (2/22)

    hey bryan! yeah, i hadn't been on in forever but just had to say hello after seeing the article in the paper. hope you're well, man!
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    check out the SF chronicle today (2/22)

    lol. shouldn't you be out getting rich while i toil away and try to educate our irresponsible youth? :) hope you're well, dude!
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    check out the SF chronicle today (2/22)

    that's what happens with the newspaper editors. something seems extraneous to them and they leave it out. shady. however, the link i posted has a video and some pictures of the corals. quite nice things were donated.
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    check out the SF chronicle today (2/22)

    hey all, after moving from sacramento to concord and starting my new job, i haven't been online or really involved in the scene in a long time (teaching 8th grade is quite time consuming!). anyway, i just wanted to point out that our own Matt Wandell's hands are pictured on the front page of...
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    FS: Pink Lemonade Frags

    i'd love to go to the swap but i know i can't. :( however, i'll likely be looking for a frag of your pink lemonade sometime soon (i've got to wait until the end of the month for my first paycheck!). i'm surprised that they haven't sold yet! :D
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    FS: Pink Lemonade Frags

    I moved to Concord over the summer. I'm working at a middle school here in the city and am teaching 8th grade English. :) I haven't been on the forums in a long time because I didn't have time to take care of my tanks anymore. Now that I've got a 'real' job, I can get back into the swing...