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    Aquascape Structure Help

    Awesome aquascape! Nice tank, too. How big is it? Good luck
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    FS: Red Sea Reefer 200XL setup and livestock

    Hi, I am selling my Red Sea Reefer 200 XL setup. Purchased and setup back in December 2020. Selling because I upgraded to a 200g. Equipment: Tank (no scratches), stand, sump, led light (AI Prime), protein skimmer, return pump, ato reservoir, powerhead, heater, sump light, sock and holder, ph...
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    FS: 180 reef tank part out- Vortech Reef Octopus, Eheim, Tangs, Corals

    Same here... not sure why post if you are not going to monitor it. Hope all is well. But, would like to hear back.
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    Livestock and rock FS

    Hi. I’m interested in: Mandarin (female) - 2+ years in my tank. Eating frozen, pellets and of course pods. Please don’t buy if you don’t have a constantly supply of pods. Like I said she eats frozen, but don’t rely on that alone. $30 Corals (take all or none) - various zoas, mainly Pandora’s...
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    Custom 170 gal bowfront

    I saw this tank. Looks great. Good luck with the sale.
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    Looking for toadstool leather, mushrooms...

    Hi, Looking for a nice, small to medium size toadstool leather and mushrooms. Thanks!
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    Best way to tackle a full tank restart

    Following... Wow! Sorry to hear. I had bubble algae issues but, after trying a few things (manually removing it, emerald crabs, water changes, feeding and light schedules changes, etc.) seems like it’s gone for good (fingers crossed). Good luck with your restart.
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    FS: Checkerboard Wrasse

    Happy Friday everyone! Wrasse is still available. PM me if interested. He is reef safe and fish friendly, at least he has been in my tank. He’s an eating machine. ;-)
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    FS: Checkerboard Wrasse

    Hello fellow reefers! I have a very healthy checkerboard wrasse up for adoption. Message me for pics as I don't seem to be able to upload right now. $25. I'm in the Doral área. Thanks