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    Monti eating nudis or bleaching?

    Magnesium is at 1080. Salifert
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    Monti eating nudis or bleaching?

    Did the piece survive? I seem to remember this piece bleaching radomly before, but not this severe.
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    Monti eating nudis or bleaching?

    Places on the coral that have polyps seem unaffected. Some spots it is white and others just a slight color fade. Nothing new AT ALL has gone in the tank in over a year and a half. That was a fish, no corals invertebrates or rocks in almost two years. I dont see any type of parasite on the coral.
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    How bad is this?

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    How bad is this?

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    How bad is this?

    The top bracing to the tank is cracked all the way around. The glass is not affected. Should I try and fix it?
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    A one time water change without letting the salt dissolve overnight

    Because of time restraints (going out of town) I need to do a quick water change after adding salt. Do you see any problems with doing it about three hours after the salt was added and not waiting overnight. This will be a one time thing about a 15% change on a 150 gallon system 3 year old...
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    Wave Driver won't reset

    One of my Vortechs won't reset. I hold down the set and mode button at the same time and it will not reset to the blue, red, white sequence at all. I reconnect the power to it and then when I try to clear the memory it keeps flashing orange and white. Suggestions?
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    new 240 project

    How long is that stand total? Very nice!
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    What is 53.0 mS' specific gravity?

    From this: I am getting that when using Pinpoint's 53.0 mS salinity calibration I should have a specific gravity of 1.0264 right?
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    Black soot in my calcium reactor

    What does it mean if there is a really fine black soot that has settled in the body of my calcium reactor? I am not running any carbon currently so it is not that. My GFO runs after my reactor so I don't think it is that either. It is only in my reactor I don't see it any other place in my...
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    Nitrates won't drop

    Some often find that certain species of acroporas show great health and colors with levels of nitrates of 15 ppm or lower. You might look at other factors concerning your tissue loss such as Alkalinity instead.
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    5 anthias- female changing to male!

    I had the same thing happen adding 2 females and a male to an established female's tank. Things eventually cooled down and the aggresive established female turned to a male. I would just give it some time to establish the pecking order.
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    My 240 Long Project

    Will need tunze or vortech in time, koralia will not be enough flow for sps once they grow. Especially with no closed loop.